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Image by Kyrylo Balakleiets

About Me

Having peeled off so many of the proverbial layers of my own onion, I realize the process of self realization can at times be a bit challenging, somewhat illusive~ and perhaps a tad bit painful. Did I mention overwhelming? ~Don’t stress, I’ve got you! Sometimes you just need someone to walk with you to help illuminate the path before you. Consider it an adventure … for me an honor.

Image by Katja Vogt

My Mission

Illuminating and enlightening.

I’m here to hold sacred space and focus

to cast a light on that which

needs to be seen and understood...


to guide you in accessing the lessons and blessings your soul already knows.

My Journey

Having been in the healing arts for many years as a massage therapist, craniosacral massage therapist, and energy healer, I’ve immersed myself in the study of human architecture, biology, and personality.


In my earlier years, I studied with a medical intuitive who taught us how to scan the body in detail, opening my perception to the subtleties of systems of the body and persona, which laid the foundation for my work ahead.


As I worked with more and more people, I began to observe how our biology is so influenced by the activities of daily living. Their major life events and stressors would often speak to me through things like physical restraints, emotional blockages, and bundled nerves.

Later, Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, would have a profound impact on me. After reading it, I launched a side hustle, helping people identify the limiting beliefs preventing them from living their best life through Theta Healing.

Image by Victoria Strukovskaya

The Missing Piece

The missing piece of the puzzle was my discovery of the Akashic records. Having access to this guidance allowed me to paint a broader picture for my clients, shining a light on what often remains hidden in the subconscious of their greater reality.


Working in the Akasha illuminates that which isn’t typically seen or recognized in daily living, allowing me to get in touch with the intangible roots of behavioral patterns, hidden gifts, unrealized talents, and answers to life’s most pressing questions.


“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
- Anais Nin

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