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If this sounds familiar ... I can help you find answers.

Feeling lost and a bit overwhelmed?


What is an Akashic Reading?


Akashic readings are the recordings of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent to have ever occurred in our pasts, presents, or futures. And the guidance to understanding how those moments effect us today and how to grow from them.

Receive clarifying and detailed information from the compilation of one’s collective soul, delivered by the masters from this realm.

More than vague suggestions and trendy new age rhetoric, I work with the Akashic records and my own point of guidance to provide you with intuitive insight and actionable advice that moves you to deeper understanding, healing, and momentum.

Allow me to read for you … 

Image by Kian Jafari

“Whole life is a search for beauty. But, when the beauty is found inside, the search ends and a beautiful journey begins.”
– Harshit Walia




Are you searching for answers and guidance in a world that is increasingly chaotic and noisy?

What if you could distill the chatter, cut to the chase, and find answers to your real life questions?


As your guide, we can explore answers to your burning desires, clarify your vision, and help you solidify your truth.

- Access Your Soul’s wisdom

- Bring Clarity to Your Relationships

- Reclaim Your Personal Power


What You Really Want Is ...



  • Someone to help you see past your blind spots

  • Help letting go of repetitive behaviors that keep you in a loop

  • Clarity around relationships, career, health?

Image by Meiying Ng

Sometimes when we can’t navigate answers from this reality, we need to journey further out-  

Allow Me to Read For You

Image by Irina Leoni

Akashic Readings

Tap into your soul’s wisdom and unlock your greatest potential. In your session, I introduce you to the records so you can begin your inner-wisdom journey.


What you will receive:

  • 1 Hour 1:1 Akashic Reading Session

  • In-depth answers to 2-3 questions or themes

  • Insight into unconscious and conscious behavioral patterns

  • Deeper clarity around your path

  • Unlock your hidden gifts and unrealized talents


Learn more about the Akashic Records here. 



Or perhaps you are immersed in negative, repetitive patterns of behavior. Self sabotaging? In a perpetual loop, unable to get out? Feeling stuck

  • Find forgiveness of self & others.

  • Identify dysfunctional patterns of behavior with self or others.

  • Do you struggle with relationships or attracting the right ones?

  • Phobias & Anxieties

  • Subconscious programs of poverty, self sabotage, self esteem etc.

  • Experiencing weight or health issues

  • Are you immersed in negative, repetitive patterns of behavior.

$150 for 1 hour

Package of 3 for $450 


Theta Healing

Image by Felix Mittermeier


Are you feeling a bit battle weary? Not at your Peak? Could you benefit from:


  • Chakra attuning

  • Auric Cleansing

  • Skeletal Alignment

  • Muscle Relief

  • Brain Balance


This work is intuitively guided, remotely- with you in the comfort of your home. No such thing as time or distance when it comes to this. It is one of my gifts. Honestly.

$100.00 for one Hour  

$50.00 for 30 minutes  

$280.00 for Package of 3- 60 minutes each

insight + healing
Image by Ren Ran

 Are you ready to reclaim You? Let’s Get Started…


“We are constantly invited to be who we are.”
- Henry David Thoreau

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