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    Please note that Akashic Readings are not Psychic in nature. They are not meant to be used as an Oracle or to be Predictive of events likely to occur in your timeline. Akashic readings can give you clues to your hidden gifts, talents, connections to loved ones and the nature of your relationships. A reading can provide the recipient a path to opening up to greater possibilities and actionable information for expansion and growth to achieve desired outcomes. Here are some ideas for you to ponder for potential questions to ask to help you prepare for your reading. LIFE PURPOSE AND CAREER What latent or unknown talents or gifts do I have that I am unaware of? Is there a new direction that my soul is wanting to take or acknowledge? Are there any mental or emotional blockages that are in the way of me moving forward in my life? Can you reveal to me what I need to let go of in order to move forward? What are my strengths? Where am I lacking that I can improve upon? Is my work environment aligned with me? Are my colleagues? What is the best way for me to share my gifts and talents with others? RELATIONSHIPS What do I need to understand about my relationship? What do I need to do heal my heart? How can I awaken my inner goddess to attract my most compatible soulmate? Is this relationship for my highest and best good? How can improve my connections with my family, friends or children? What do I need to understand about my work colleagues? Friendships? What is preventing me from meeting my most compatible soulmate? Is their reason for me sabotaging my relationships? PERSONAL GROWTH AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH Are there people in my life that I need to find forgiveness for? How do I? How do I release negative soul ties to people. What prevents me from loving unconditionally? Are there any karmic patterns that are preventing me from living fully? What do I need to understand about my relationship to the divine? Are there aspects of my personality that are detrimental to me fully evolving? Am I living the life that is congruent with my soul’s purpose? Am I bound to any soul contracts with others that need to be released? Where am I not in integrity with my self or others? What do I need to understand about my ancestral connections? MONEY What blocks do I have around money? Why is financial freedom so illusive to me? Is there karma attached to my money flow or consciousness? What lives have I had that were prosperous where I enjoyed wealth? Did I inherit programs of lack of abundance from my family or my ancestors? What do I need to clear or be aware of to bring abundance into this life? Why do I sabotage my success? How do I clear my fear of money? How do I continue to cultivate my happiness? HEALTH What do I need to understand my lack of good health? Do my past lives affect my health in any way in this lifetime? How do I clear it? Are my health issues karmic in nature? How do my past lives play into my diet and food preferences or allergies? Am I aligned to my blueprint for perfect health? Does my body recognize health? Longevity? Is my spirit tired? Bored? Apathetic? What do I get from being sick all the time? How do I align my being with health and well being? OUTLOOK What limiting beliefs do I have that prevent me from living with Joy? How can I deepen my connection to God, Source or Creator, etc.? What prevents me from having faith? Are there negative or limiting beliefs passed on from family or ancestors that I need to be aware of or to release. How do I connect to or find my soul tribe? Is there anything I need to understand or see around my children, siblings? What do I need to learn about accepting others unconditionally? Are there any negative curses or vows that need to be cleared from me?
  • What are the Akashic Records?
    In Hindu Mysticism, the Akasha is considered the primary principle of nature from which fire, earth, air and water are created. Your “essence”, or soul as a body, generates a field of energy as it comes into being. This, in turn, generates its own field of energy onto the Akasha. Your every thought, word, emotion, and action is recorded onto the Akasha. This spiritual network, or library of information, is available 24/7 from any location for anyone who desires to access it. All you need is a willingness to engage and enlist the information recorded within. As all souls are eternal, accessing the Akasha requires that you be in agreement with the concept of reincarnation, or at least open to explore its possibility. Akashic Records are not not “channeled” from an entity or spirit. It’s not an oracle and it’s not used to make predictions or give one a likely time of events.
  • Are the records just for gaining insight into one's Self?
    Actually no. Your Soul has its records. Pets and animals have records. The land you live on, the home you live in, your neighbors home, and even the home you want to purchase.* Cool, eh? Tap into your pets, current home, or your future house. We can clear energetic imbalances on the land you're living on to bring harmony and flow. NOTE: We do not enter into another’s records without their permission.
  • What's your process?
    To intentionally open to the light of the Akasha, I typically use prayer to call upon the Masters or Guardians of this superhighway of information. Entering into the compendium of a person's record of time is profoundly powerful and effective. We’ll discover revelations and understandings of your emotional blocks, belief patterns, career paths, talents, relationships to others, and so much more.
  • How do I prepare for my session?
    Quiet Please. Find a cozy quiet place to settle in. Background noise distracts from the quality of your reading. Be Present. Save that glass of wine for after your reading. It helps to be clear-headed to receive the best reading. Bring your questions. Write them down and bring a journal to record your experience. Be Hydrated. Your cells will love this (and your emotions too). Come excited. It’s always fun! No need for any dread or anxiety about your questions. There’s rarely a session that doesn’t include a bit of humor and an “are you serious right now?”.
  • What will I learn during my reading?
    It’s my experience that you only receive what you’re ready to hear. In my years of doing this work, I’ve never been led astray and I trust this implicitly. There are also times when information is not forthcoming. I don’t always have the explanation for this but no worries, we can shift our approach and phrasing or we simply move onto a separate question.
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"What you are seeking is seeking you."

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