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Your Higher Self

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

I studied years ago with a meditation teacher who would encourage us to offer our difficulties or questions about life to our Higher Self. The Higher Self being that aspect of us that is eternal. The wise part of our soul that has accompanied us in every incarnation. The aspect of us that is aware of all our accomplishments, our successes as well as our shortcomings and our failures.

She fully knows and understands my mission, my purpose, my karma and my dharma. She is the guiding light in my mind. She speaks to me firmly, directly in an even tempered tone. I hear her voice in times of need above the chatter of a busy and sometimes cluttered mind. In the early days of my journey she would visit in dreams. Before I could “hear her” I would receive prophetic messages often for friends or loved ones in the dream state. I asked my teacher once why I was getting these messages for other people? She said it was because they were not hearing the messages for themselves, so their higher self would look for someone who was open to hearing them. This can be uncomfortable, I assure you! Oddly, when I would pass the message, it would be received openly as validation to something they already perceived, but didn’t know why. Don’t shoot the messenger, I would lovingly say as sometimes it could be quite personal.

I was instructed by a teacher to offer things of which I knew not how to deal with- to her, in petition that they be transmuted for the greatest good of all. Example, I first say, I call upon my higher self, I offer this situation of my friendship troubles with so and so ( when times are troubled and I don’t have the solution ) to my higher self to transmute for the highest and best good for all. I just surrender it and let it go, trusting that whatever needs to happen will.

There are so many times when I simply don’t have the capacity or the answers to provide an outcome for situations. It is then that I surrender it to my guiding light, to transmute for the highest and best outcome.

Once, I saw a potential for someone close to me to be in an accident. Every time I had that vision, I would offer it to my higher self to transmute for the greater good. There was indeed an accident that did involve the one I saw- only they were not injured. The party with them was. That person, as a result of that accident, was identified to be found along with his injuries, a problem with a bone that was able to repaired in his youth, that would have been very difficult to have been repaired as an adult.

This incident was an early testimony to my faith that this guiding light was overseeing exactly what I had petitioned.

One time on a plane, I was seated next to a young gentleman who was paralyzed from the waist down due to an accident. It was a long flight. He made it very clear at the beginning of the flight that he had no interest in speaking, by way of his demeanor and body language. I fully complied.

Twenty or so minutes before we were due to land, my higher self said to me, “ perhaps you should tell him about your teachers?” I knew of 2 women at the time, who had healed paralyzed people. I said to that voice- no- he’s made it abundantly clear that he does not wish to speak.

A few minutes later, I realized, oh dear that is my higher self! I then leaned over and said I knew of a couple people that have had great success in treating these types of injuries if he would be interested. He politely thanked me and said,” no thank you.” I honored my request, done. No attachments to the outcome.

A few minutes later I had to stow my bag in the overhead. As I was climbing back over, he stopped me and said, “ I have been traveling for over a month now, and you are the 3rd such person to want to tell me this! “ At this point, my higher self took command and said through me, it is not your “fate” nor your “destiny” to be in this situation! There is help out there!”

Stunned, I sat down not really believing that had just happened. It was not lost on him, either. A few minutes later he leaned over and asked me for their information.

Another time, my higher self told me not to leave my car parked where it was. Instead of moving it as I was being instructed to do, I just shoved my purse under the seat and went about going for a walk. Upon my return, my window was broken and my purse was gone.

It was in that moment that I replayed that message in my mind, and really “heard” the tone of it, the delivery, the cadence- as much as I could discern so as not to miss again (or dismiss it ) above my busy mind chatter and ego self.

I suggest you do the same- next time you get that nudge, that intuition, that inkling- or your intuition gets validated in some way- stop and hit rewind, and really “hear” how your higher self is speaking to you! Hit the stop button on your outer world when you hear her, and listen in!


Need to deal with a difficult person or situation? Command your Higher Self. I command my higher self to help me find the right words to communicate with a difficult person. I just simply say, “ I command my higher self to speak to this person in a way that will be received or heard by them.” Call in their higher self and your higher self. Then I ask that this conversation flow from this perspective. "Please help me to find the right words to say," "Let me be heard," You get the idea. I use it for writing, too. I command that my higher self dictate what needs to be said. Takes a bit, but then you’ll start to feel a flow and it becomes effortless. Try it! Ask for her to speak to you in your dream state too- sometimes that's easier for people in the beginning. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Their are a lot of articles online if you do a google search that will give you in depth information about the higher self. Have a look around.

When you are in contact with your higher self, it is a flow. My higher self is not like my bestie- She’s direct, a bit firm. Not fuzzy and warm, I feel strength and a silent power.

Get to know your higher self. Defer that which you cannot resolve to her. Petition her guidance, grace and wisdom. It’s a lovely sacred communion.

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